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AHP Analyser - Project Prioritization

( A Group Decision Making Tool for Ranking of Options )

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Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) analyser is online tool that facilitates the group decision making by pairwise comparison based on expert judgment values. The Decision Support System (DSS) by web based AHP methodology is converted to Expert System. In developing this online application, the basic of AHP as developed by Dr. T.L. Saaty and other professors has been taken into consideration. The Detailed Documents are avaliable in Downloads

The AHP decisions are based on Consistency Ratio (CR), the threshold limits of CR values have been modified for agricultural research projects as per the research conducted by Dr. S.K. Soam at NAARM, Hyderabad. The AHP analyser can be used for Project Prioritization, Priority Setting, Research Project Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) and also for Technology Valuation and Technology Management.

Note : In AHP Analyser, there is no provision of saving data on sever, it works like a calculator. The data and analysed information from the application removed immediately after signing out from this application.

Online application of AHP methodology.Developed by Dr. S.K. Soam, Ch. Sridharababu, T.RajKumar and B.Raghupathi