Research Concept Writer: Operation of Software

Operation of Software

Project formulation is not one day or one-month activity, it takes time. And also when do idea strike? About six months may be needed depending upon conceptualization and formulation of good research project.

  • Start with click on conceptual planning, Create new concept.

Thereafter, software provide following

  • You can save at various steps.
  • If you are working on various concept, you can save any number of concepts.
  • Saved projects, you can edit, select the component to be edited and select the project.
  • You can view the complete concepts at “My Research Concepts”.
  • You can view, edit details of your all the concepts saved/submitted concepts.
  • After finishing, you can “Generate Report”, it means concept is submitted and it will be available in “My Research Concepts” for downloading. After “Generate Report” you can’t edit.
  • Generate Report option will be available only after last step i.e. Justification

More Over

    • Because it is available on internet, you can work anytime and anywhere, whenever,
    • Idea Strike
    • Facilities available
    • Research time available.
    • After downloading, the MS word document will be available and you can cut and paste its text as per donor’s project format.

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